Cancellation and Refund

Withdrawal from Purchase

After the legally binding 14 days "Right of Revocation" we grant a non-expiring right of cancellation


Withdrawal from the purchase of your DNA test and refund

You have the legally stipulated right to withdraw from your contract. In addition to this we offer the unlimited option of cancel your contract with us at any time, even after the statutory withdrawal period has expired.

Withdrawal form


How long can you withdraw from the contract?

  1. You can withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within the legally valid withdrawal period of 14 days after purchase. We will then refund you fully (you will find exception regulations in the instructions on your right of withdrawal).
  2. After the 14-day period has expired, we grant an unlimited right of withdrawal beyond the statutory period.

In any case, please contact us beforehand by phone or email.


What does the withdrawal cost after the statutory period has expired?

There are only administrative costs of 20 € for the withdrawal. This covers postage, testing papers, and managing your order and cancellation.


How do you get your money back?

Regardless of your payment method, you can tell us where we should transfer your money. If you have paid with PayPal, for example, you can also give us your account number for the return payment.


Returning the goods

It is not necessary to return the test set you bought

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