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Paternity testing at Eurofins Forensics

We offer a wide variety of DNA analyses under the brand "Vaterschaftsstests.de". Our goal is to help people answer their questions about relationship or descent. Conducting a DNA analysis is a sensitive issue. With your order, you as our customer rightly expect an absolutely reliable service.‚Äč

What makes us the market leader?

Best advice from our customer service

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you friendly, experienced and absolutely discreet customer support. Our colleagues will advise you competently on the selection of the right DNA test for you. Of course, a large proportion of our orders are paternity tests, customers need of determine the biological father of a child.

However, customers often ask about other kinship tests. And here we can help you very well. Our team will advise you, best by phone, which DNA test will answer your questions best and which relatives should give their DNA samples for this kind of test.

You can get answers to all your questions about your lineage from us.

Reliable laboratory operation

Our DNA reports are of course based on the analyses that are carried out beforehand. The statement in an expert opinion means a lot for the individual, so the laboratory tests previously carried out for this must be absolutely reliable. To avoid confusion, we continuously run negative samples and have all reports read by two scientists. This 4-eyes principle rules out that errors go unnoticed.

Our experts are excellently trained scientists who work under the direction of PD Dr. Burkhard Rolf. Dr. Rolf is a private lecturer in forensic genetics and co-author of more than 50 scientific publications. We are fully accredited and certified by various accreditation bodies.

Working with years of experience

We have been analysing DNA for more than 20 years. During this time we have created over 1,000,000 human DNA profiles for private individuals and the police authorities. Our state-of-art DNA test systems are equipped with the most modern machines. With Eurofins Forensics, you can be sure that we strive for and deliver reliable and accurate test results.

99% satisfied customers

Our performance, both in the laboratory and in the field of customer service, has been analysed by an independent company for customer reviews. 99% of our customers are very satisfied with us, read for yourself.

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