Accreditation & Certification

You are safe with our accredited DNA lab


According to the German Gene Diagnostic Act it is mandatory for each laboratory that offers genetic testing to have an ISO 17025 accreditation. At Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik we are proud of our continuous successful accreditation and certification.


How to decide on a DNA lab


When you need to choose a DNA lab it should have a good reputation and be reliable. One objective measure for its reliability is the ISO 17025 accreditation. Always ensure that your chosen lab is 17025-accredited. Check whether a DNA testing laboratory provides their latest certificates online for you to view.


In addition to this our lab team was also successfully accredited by the British Ministry of Justice and has passed the proficiency trials by the ISFG (International Society for Forensic Genetics) and the DGAB (German Society for Paternity testing).


The German chamber of commerce has appointed our general manager as a publicly appointed expert witness (PDF, certificate of appointment in German)


This ISO certificate has been granted after an audit of all documentation and processes concerning DNA analyses. With this accreditation we fully apply to the German Gene Diagnostics Act as a German forensic laboratory.



Successful participation since 1998! The tests consists of the annual analysis of blind/anonymous samples. Similar to your paternity test we will establish DNA profiles and report them.

* DGAB (= Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abstammungsbegutachtung)

Participation in ring trials by the German Society for Paternity since 2014.


* ISFG, International Society for Forensic Genetics. Participation in ring trials held by the ISFG since 2006


Please note:


The sampling for a DNA test needs to be a witnessed sampling. A physician may, for example, be your sampler and conduct the whole process for you. On our pages we explain where to find a sampler and what exactly needs to be done.

The sampling needs to be a "witnessed sampling" according to the Gene Diagnostics Act. For example, a physician may conduct the sampling process. On our pages you may find more explanation about how this sampling need to be performed and where you may find a sampler.
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