DNA samples used in a paternity test

Usual DNA samples


While a wide range of various samples are valid for paternity testing a simple mouth swab is the easiest method.

Sample collection for a DNA test does not hurt and is quickly done. In our test kit you will find 2 cotton swabs for each participant with which mouth swabs are conducted.


Overview of suitable DNA samples


The mouth swab is taken with the cotton swab you find in your test kit. The swabs are effective and inexpensive. From it, we get all the DNA we needs to perform the testing. It is a non-invasive and painless method of collection. 


If you want to send us blood please call beforehand. There are certain requirements to be considered before the sending.


Please be aware:

A DNA sample may not be taken without a person's consent. Therefore our default testing method is a paternity test based on a standard sample of a buccal cheek swab.

Exceptions: The procedure for tests with deceased participants is slightly different. 


DNA sample collection when the person is desceased

Standard DNA samples cannot be analysed anymore if the paternity test includes a person who is deceased. Very often, we still can conduct DNA tests. But you will need to submit non-standard samples and the outcome of a test will depend on the quality of the sample you submit.

It may be easy to find a hair of the deceased. But does it's root still holds with enough DNA to generate a full profile? Maybe you can provide biopsy material from hospitalization. Or you may find old letters which we may use to find DNA.


A persons's DNA is unchangeable. It is in the person's saliva, blood and skin cells. We can extract DNA from the roots of your hair or from a mouth swap. All will lead to the same result. The one thing you have to bear in mind is the legal regulations.


Please consult with us to find out what is the best sample you can offer in this special case. Also, we will need to see a proof that you are legally entitled to order a DNA test.

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