How to perform DNA testing

Your how-to: from purchase to result

Our test kit contains all you need for your sampling

The taking of a mouth swab to do a paternity test must be documented by a neutral person (witness). This process is called “witnessed sampling.”


  1. You buy a paternity test (go to shop). The test kit contains sterile cotton swabs, packaging material and all the necessary documents for the witnessed sampling.

  2. Your next step is the witnessed sampling. This process is required by law.
    The DNA samples are taken with a cotton swab in the presence of a neutral person, your witness to the sampling. The is very easy to accomplish, also with babies and small children.

  3. The forms are now being filled out and signed by each participant.

  4. The processing of your paternity test takes 3-4 business days

  5. We will send you your test results by post and email.

Our top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Paternity Test - Question and answers

  1. How does a paternity test work?
    A paternity test is conducted to establish the biological relationship between a father and his child. DNA samples are collected from both individuals and analysed in a laboratory. The test compares specific DNA characteristics and can show whether there is a genetic match.

  2. How reliable are paternity tests?
    Modern paternity tests are very reliable and have an accuracy of almost 100%. DNA analysis is a highly precise method and can detect even small genetic differences between samples.

  3. How long does it take for the results of a paternity test to be available?
    We will carry out your paternity test within 4 working days.

  4. How much does a paternity test cost?
    Our paternity tests are available starting from €159.

  5. Who has to consent to the paternity test?
    All individuals whose DNA we receive for testing must provide their signature, indicating their consent to the test. This includes minors who are old enough to understand the process. For all underage participants, written consent from all legal guardians is required, such as the mother, even if she is not participating in the test herself.

Data security at our Lab

Your DNA sample is safe with us

How we use your samples


You give us a swab from the oral mucosa for your DNA test. Each test participant sends us 2 cotton swabs with their samples. A swap contains a very small amount of DNA but it is sufficient for a DNA test. We duplicate the DNA in the laboratory before we do the analysis. By default, we examine 24 gene locations that we compare with one another. It is legally stipulated which method is to be used and how the results are to be evaluated. The probability of kinship or paternity is calculated with a special computer program.


We will destroy your samples after the analysis. We do not keep your DNA. We do not pass them on to other companies.

According to the Genetic Diagnostics Act, we must keep your test results for ten years.

Secret DNA testing is not possible

All participants need to give their written consent

In Germany, all DNA testing is regulated according to the Gene Diagnostic Act which came into effect in February 2010.


Since then it is mandatory that DNA tests must only be performed with the written and formal consent of each participant. No more clandestine tests may be done. Not only the testing laboratory may be liable for prosecution but also the customer who ordered the DNA test.


Accordingly, we are obliged to ensure that all participants have been sufficiently informed and have given their written and formal consent.


For a child under age the mother needs to consent. If she should refuse her consent your only chance is to obtain a court order that enforces her consent.

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