Understand your DNA Test Results

How to get your paternity test result

We will send the test result by Email and postal mail to all participants in the DNA test.

You will receive the official and signed report by post. As that will take some time we will send you a download link with your results. Like this you do not have to wait the arrival of our letter and know the results as soon as the report is ready. 

Your password is your order number.


The original report can also be submitted to authorities. 

How to interpret paternity test results

After having analysed your paternity test we will send the results in a comprehensive DNA report. The text follows rules established by law and can be hard to understand.


While you can always call our customer support to ask your questions we herewith would like to give some explanations to make the understanding easier:


In your DNA report the paternity will be either "excluded" or "confirmed".


  • Paternity confirmed: a confirmation will be given with a probability of at least 99,99 % (Paternity Test Basis) up to 99,99999 % (Paternity Test Premium)
  • Paternity excluded: An exclusion will be given with 100% certainty


This is a result recognized by the Genetic Diagnostics Act. There can be no 100% confirmation of a paternity. The probability of paternity is always a statistical calculation. The certainty of the statement is, however, resilient, reliable and recognized in court.


In any case, please inform us if a close relative of the putative father, for example a brother, may also be considered as the biological father. This constellation must be taken into account during the DNA analysis and when interpreting the results.

99.99% probability of paternity

99.99% probability of paternity is a reliable result


Your DNA report will give details of each person tested. It explains what has been done to extract the DNA information and the conclusions drawn from this process.

It will list a data table with the genetic systems/markers of all participants and will finally also state the probability of paternity or other relationship (in case of one of our relationship tests).


The conclusion will tell you whether the putative father is or is not excluded as the biological father of the child:


  • If he is excluded we give you a 100% guarantee that the putative father is not the biological father
  • If he is not excluded we will give you a probability of up to 99,99999 % that this test person is the biological father of the tested child


Please note:

If our scientists are not be able to deliver a concrete conclusion during the first analysis, we will increase the amount of tested markers to give a solid test result.

Can a paternity test end without a result?

Correctly collected samples ensure that we have enough DNA for a genetic analysis from you. Please take your samples as described in the info-flyer that is included in your test kit. This step-by-step instructions explains how you can collect a sufficient amount of DNA material using the included cotton swabs.


If, however, there is too little DNA material on the swab, and our scientists do not get a clear result during the first analysis, we will use the second swab and expand the test free of charge to provide you with a reliable test result.

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