DNA Sampling

According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act your sampling for a paternity or relationship test requires a third party witness to oversee the sample collection and handling. This process is called "witnessed sampling".


What a witness does during the witnessed sampling


Who can witness the sampling?

Relatives, friends or neighbours will not be considered as a neutral, unbiased witness for a DNA sampling. Therefore, please choose a person from this group to to oversee sample collection and handling:


If you would like to come to us for your sampling, please make beforehand appointment. We charge 79 € / appointment. Your doctor or a pharmacy may also issue a private bill. Please ask beforehand.


Find a witness for your DNA sampling

➤ Search for pharmacies

This Google map shows all pharmacies that have agreed to take a witnessed sampling. Please inquire for potential fees before making an appointment.



Search for a doctor by postcode

Employees at youth welfare offices are often able to accompany and document the sampling. Whether there are any costs for this will vary and must be inquired beforehand.


Search for youth welfare office

According to the Genetic Diagnostics Act, employees of health authorities and in particular their medical officers should also be available for documenting a sample.


Search health department

Search for a medical officer or health department by postcode


How is the sampling documented?

You will find all the information you need for the documentation in our documents. All forms must be completed and signed as indicated in the instructions. Copies of the test participants' ID cards must be added to the documentation.

In our download section you may read in advance: the document to be completed during the witnessed sampling

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