Court admissible DNA testing

Change a private paternity test into a court admissible

Our Paternity Test Premium: for legal purposes with full DNA report + witnessed sampling.


Your private paternity test can be accepted during court proceedings in Germany


Make your paternity test court admissible


  • We perform each DNA test according to the German Gene Diagnostics Act
  • We possess all required accreditations
  • All participants need to be informed about the test and give their written consent
  • All DNA reports may therefore be used in a law suit, if you consider the following requirements

In our test kit you will find the form "Consent" with the respective details. You may check it out beforehand in our download area, so that you know what exactly is needed. For minors all persons having custody need to sign this document.

3 steps to a court-approved paternity test

  1. All participants must give their written consent 

    Within your test kit you will find a "Consent" form. All participants must sign this form. For participants under age all legal guardians give their written consent.

  2. All Samples are taken in the presence of a neutral witness

    We may carry out the witnessed sampling for you. If you cannot come to lab you can contact a doctor (e.g. your family doctor or pediatrician) or an employee of the youth welfare office or the health office. Inquire in advance about the respective fees. Some doctors do not want to witness a sampling. In this case we offer search options on our website that make it easier to find a doctor, a youth welfare office or a health office in your area.

  3. Your witness (doctor or similar) must send us the test documents and samples
    This point is about the so-called unbroken chain of evidence, which can be demonstrated to the judge through "documented sampling". If you take the finished test documents and your samples home with you, you can be accused of tampering. We include a stamped envelope with our test set, so there are no additional costs.

What samples can be used for the paternity test?

A sample is always either an oral swab (coll.: saliva sample) or blood.

  • Blood: Your doctor will take the blood sample with the addition of the anticoagulant EDTA

  • Saliva: oral swab with cotton swab. Can be taken painlessly, even in newborns. Our test kits contain swabs for the buccal swabs of all test participants.

Samples from deceased persons can also be analysed.

Please note: A judge will always be free to decide if he/ she accepts a private DNA lab. This means that he can commission a counter-assessment from an institute of his choice at any time. In order to increase the acceptance of official recognition by the judge, we recommend the procedure described above. Please ask the judge beforehand.

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