Reliable paternity testing

How reliable are the results of a paternity test?

In Germany, the procedure to conduct a DNA test is regulated by the Genetic Diagnostics Act. This leads to a high degree of reliability in the results.


Every DNA lab is required to have a regular external audit

Every laboratory in Germany is subject to the same legal regulations for a DNA analysis:

How the samples are to be taken, which chemical analysis agents are to be used, how many gene locations are to be analysed, how are the results of the analysis to be interpreted. This makes results comparable and reliable.

In addition, there is the requirement that a DNA lab in Germany has to undergo regular audits by the external inspection body DAkks (German accreditation body). The Dakks auditors check the processes and procedures, they check whether the machines are set correctly and whether the experts who evaluate your analysis results are working correctly.

The current certification of the Dakks, ISO 17025, must be made available by every laboratory without being asked. You can find ours here: ISO 17025


Additional security for your paternity test

If you place your order with us, we can guarantee that we will not pass your DNA on to a third party, but rather carry out all work in our own laboratory. Our experts have their offices in the same building. The distances between the processing locations are minimal, which reduces the risk of mix-ups or even loss of your samples.


We have been provided accurate and reliable DNA testing since 1998 and look back on a long history. Your DNA is processed in high throughput. The results are then evaluated by our own experts. Our experts receive regular training. Should they face a problem, our laboratory manager and managing director Dr. Rolf is at their side. Dr. Rolf is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for forensic DNA trace analysis and parentage assessment  by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF, German certificate).

If you have any questions, our customer service or our DNA experts themselves are here for you. You can feel safe with us with your paternity test.

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