Find out more about our DNA laboratory


When you send your DNA to a lab for analysis, you want to be sure that it is being handled responsibly and with care.

It is therefore important for you to know to whom you are entrusting your DNA samples. What kind of laboratory is it, what kind of people are working here? How is the analysis done? What happens to your samples after the analysis?

Here we would like to show you why we believe that our laboratory (and ourselves) meet your high standards:


Our laboratory

Our laboratory is located in the east of Munich. We do not send your DNA samples to another laboratory for processing.

If you send your samples to us they will be received by colleagues who will process the first formal administration  then pass them directly over to the laboratory.


The location of the laboratory is important if you want to avoid sending your samples abroad for analysis. Be aware: the more hands your samples are passed through the greater the risk of the samples being mixed up or lost.


Your DNA samples will be processed in Germany

With the Genetic Diagnostics Act, you are on the safe side with a German lab. Entrust us with your order and get everything from a single source. Short distances and fast communication avoid problems. Our experts receive the analysis results directly from the laboratory for evaluation without delay.


You can also talk to us before, during and after the test. Foreign laboratories are difficult to contact and often do not speak your language, neither.


Required ISO certification 17025

Laboratories that want to perform DNA tests in Germany must have all laboratory processes checked by the "German Accreditation Body" (DAkkS), the national accreditation authority of the Federal Republic of Germany.

After having successfully passed the inspection by the external auditor the  ISO certification 17025 is granted.

The certificates must be visible to customers online. You can find all of our accreditation certificates here.


Qualified Employees

All of our laboratory employees and scientists regularly take part in advanced training. The laboratory work is tested annually through in the interlaboratory tests of the DGAB (German Society for Parentage Assessment).


Our laboratory manager Dr. Burkhard Rolf is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for forensic DNA trace analysis and parentage assessment by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. (PDF, German certificate)

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