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Zwei gleiche Silhouetten für Zwillinge mit einer DNA Illustration in der Mitte.

Twin Test

With this Twin Test we determine whether your children are monozygotic or dizygotic. Free Shipping ✓

Customize the test according to your needs:

Price: 170,00 €

price incl. 19% VAT : 27,14 €

Weitere Informationen:
  • reliability due to the 4-eyes principle
  • Up to 46 DNA markers
  • 99.99% probability
  • free DNA reports for all participants
  • free shipping worldwide
  • unlimited right of withdrawal
  • free customer service for all questions before and after the analysis

Please note: Due to law regulations a witnessed sampling is mandatory for every genetic analysis.


What samples are needed for a twin test?

A safe and painless swab of the oral mucosa with a cotton swab is all that we need to conduct this Twin Test. This gives us enough cell material for the analysis and an accurate DNA report.


We distinguish between two different kind of twins


Monocycotic twins
Identical twins are the result of the fertilization of one egg by a sperm. The fertilised egg divides and creates two persons with the same DNA and sex.


Dizygotic twins
Dizygotic twins are formed when two egg cells are fertilized by two sperm cells. The twins do not share DNA. Genetically speaking, they are "normal" siblings.

(for more background info please read on in our FAQ-relationship testing)


How long does it take to get the results?

It may take us up to 1 week or more to establish a result. 


Your advantages with our DNA testing service


No hidden costs

  • Buy once, all participants will receive the complete test set regardless of their place of residence and their own DNA report

Unlimited cancellation period

  • statuary right of revocation: 14 days
  • only with us: withdraw from the contract any time


Free service

  • free worldwide shipping
  • free return shipping of your DNA samples (within Germany)
  • unlimited right of withdrawal
  • free customer service before and after purchase

Discretion and data security

  • discreet shipping in neutral A5 envelope that fits in your mailbox
  • we provide information about the stored data and delete as requested



  • since 2007 we are ISO 17025 accredited
  • since 1998 we excel in analysing dna


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