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Organisation of your sampling abroad

Worldwide organisation of secure DNA sampling and the return of the samples

Price: 249,00 €

price incl. 19% VAT : 39,76 €

Weitere Informationen:
  • Witnessed sampling is mandatory for a DNA Test
  • Worldwide organisation of DNA sampling for your paternity test or relationship test
  • We contac the German Embassy in the respective country and provide you with an address for the sampling
  • We organise the packing and shipment of the test kit into the country of destination
  • We take care of the safe return of the samples, incl. customs formalities

Due to law regulations a documented sampling is mandatory for every genetic analysis. If participants of a parternity test or relationship test are living abroad it can be difficult for you to find a reliable and trustworthy sampler and clear the DNA samples with customs.


We organise you witnessed sampling abroad


Whereever the participants for your DNA test are in the world, we can help you. For the organisation of the witnessed sampling we communicate with

  • the Foreign Office
  • the embassy abroad
  • or the embassy doctor


We also take care of

  • the customs clearance of the documents on the outward and return shipment
  • the safe sample collection
  • and the return of the samples through our shipping service provider
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