Legal Paternity Testing

Our Paternity Test Premium: for legal purposes with full DNA report + witnessed sampling


Your private paternity test can be accepted during court proceedings in Germany



Make your paternity test court admissible


We perform each DNA test according to the German Gene Diagnostics Act

We possess all required accreditations

All DNA reports may therefore be used in a law suit, if you consider the following requirements:


In our test kit you will find the form "Consent" with the respective details. You may check it out beforehand in our download area, so that you know what exactly is needed. For minors all persons having custody need to sign this document.

Have your witnessed sampling at our premises or if this is not convenient for you may ask your GP, any medical doctor or a youth welfare employee to stand as a witness for your sampling. They may charge an extra fee for this. If your GP should not want to conduct the witnessed sampling, you may want to check out our Search for an independent witness (in Germany).

In order to perform a court admissible DNA test, your sampler must maintain the chain of custody of the collected samples and the complete documentation. If you take it all back home with you, you may be accused of manipulation. Therefore, we enclose a pre-paid return envelope for your sampler, so no additional costs  for postage incur.


Please note:


We cannot unconditionally guarantee that your test results will be accepted by a court. If you want to present our DNA report in court, please, discuss this with the judge beforehand. We at Eurofins prepare DNA reports which are court approved. But each judge has the freedom to accept or refuse evidence provided to him/her. Please consider this before spending money.

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