Low cost paternity testing

Cheap DNA tests must also be reliable


The result of a paternity test may be the foundation of important personal decisions. Therefore, for us an accurate test result is not a question of money but a question of quality. You must feel absolutely secure with your decision of lab.


How to find an affordable and also reliable DNA lab


Of course, always compare the price of a test but also compare the lab's expertise and accreditations. A too cheap lab may tempt you at first glance. However, uncertainty remains. A DNA test result which may not be reliable may lead to an enormous strain on the family relations.


Hence we have compiled a list of criteria which may help you decide. Your DNA lab should:

  • have a high throughput of DNA samples
    Only then the scientists who examine the results will be experienced enough to draw the correct conclusions
  • be ISO 17025 accredited for forensic genetics
  • be in Germany
    If you chose a DNA testing partner with a laboratory outside Germany your samples will need to be shipped, sometimes even to the US. The more people handle your samples the higher the risk of a mix-up.
  • prove a long-term and successfully participation at the important GEDNAP ring trials
    Through these ring trials external experts controll the expertise of the scientists and the outcome of their analyses.
  • use highly automated processes and modern technology
    Only this can guarantee that DNA testing can be performed at low cost but still be accurate.
We offer DNA Testing for customers worldwide

We conduct your DNA test regardless of your place of residence


All our DNA test including our paternity test are low cost tests which are bought mainly from German, Austrian and Swiss customers as they appreciate the German speaking customer service.


Still, our dedicated and experienced customer care team will also be glad to support you in English. There are many question our customers will want to discuss so we are of course well prepared to help you in English, also. Besides, we will of course provide your DNA test results in English, if you prefer.


Where our customers come from

However, there is a growing percentage of our customers from Africa, Asia and South America. Those DNA tests often are motivated by the wish for a family reunion or proof of paternity in a case of immigration.

When you life near Munich you may come to our lab for a witnessed sampling. If not, please check out our help pages to find a sampler.

Please note: the French law forbids non-French laboratories to perform paternity tests for French citizens.

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