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Add. Participant Basis

The Maternity Test and the Paternity Test Basis include the DNA test for two persons. If more persons need to take part, please buy this article.

Price: 70,00 €

price incl. 19% VAT : 11,18 €

Weitere Informationen:
  • Our lab is Europ's leading lab for DNA analyses
  • Every report is prepared according to the four-eyes principle
  • We are externally audited and accredited according to ISO 17025
  • We provide you with an extend, legally admissible DNA report.
  • Due to law regulations a witnessed sampling is mandatory

Our Paternity Test "Basis"is the best-selling test for father-child analysis. It is quick, cheap and reliable. The same applies to our Maternity Test


If you would like to include more people in the test, perhaps more than one child, then of course you have the option of adding more participants.

We then carry out the analysis of all persons as a joint test order.

If you buy a test from our "Premium" series, you can of course also expand the number of participants. To do this, buy the article "Additional Participants Premium"

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