DNA sampling during Corona

Despite Cororna, we process your paternity test as usual and are happy to receive your samples. You may buy your test kit with all necessary documentation and we will send your kit promptly by postal mail.


How to take a samples in times of the pandemic?


The rules of the Genetic Diagnostics Act for DNA testing still applies! Even with the restrictions due to Corona you have to have an independent third person as a witness to be present when the sample is taken.

A witnessed taking of the sample by an independent third party is legally mandatory.


How can a sampling be witnessed by third parties despite Corona?

"Drive-In" sampling at Eurofins

We take samples at our laboratory in the east of Munich. Please give us a call and make an appointment beforehand. We will send you all the documentation prior to your appointment so you can read through them in peace.


Then simply drive to our premises at the appointed time. One of our colleagues will be waiting for you outside and guide you through the whole process while you stay comfortably in your car.

At a distance, of course, and protected by a mask and gloves. Payment is also done directly from your car.

The colleague will then take your DNA samples directly to our laboratory. Please ask for advice: 08092 8289 222 


Sampling by a doctor

Normally, for paternity tests, we recommend that your doctor witnesses and documents the sample collection. However, you may need to call the practice to clarify whether the doctor is willing to take a sample. In principle, every doctor may and can do this.


Documentation of sample collection in the pharmacy

You may also ask your pharmacist to help you with your paternity test. As a witness, he/ she will not have any physical contact with you when a sample is taken.

Appropriate distance can be maintained in the pharmacy. The pharmacist will check your ID card  (wearing gloves) and make a copy of it or compare the copies you have brought with you. He can thus confirm the identity of all participants present and testify that the data on the forms are correct.

Each participant takes his / her own saliva samples according to the instructions and packs them in the enclosed sample envelopes. Children are helped by adult test participants.

All the documents and samples are then sent directly from the pharmacy by business mail. For this purpose we have included a pre-paid return envelope in the kit so there are no extra costs for the pharmacist.


Documentation of the sample collection by a midwife

Midwives may not be allowed to come into your home. Now you need to be creative. Maybe you have a garden where the sampling could be done? Perhaps there is a common room in your house that you could use briefly?

When a midwife accompanies the sampling, the following applies: she only attests the correctness of the data and ensures that all persons whose names are on the documents are actually present.


You take the samples and pack them yourself. The midwife just watches. She signs and stamps the sampling protocol. It is her who sends the samples and documents directly to us with the enclosed pre-paid return envelope. Please ensure you keep the distance of at least 2 m at all times.


Documentation of the sampling by the youth welfare office or a notary

You may also find assistance with a witnessed taking of the samples here, if the following applies:


The witness sends everything back to us with the enclosed pre-paid return envelope. 

For your own and other’s safety: Please ensure that you keep the legally recommended minimum distance from people who do not belong to your household at all times!

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