Witnessed Sampling

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Collect DNA samples for a paternity test

What is a witnessed sampling

According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act each DNA sampling has to be in the presence of a third party witness who oversees the sample collection and handling. This prosess is called "witnessed sampling" during which your identity and with it the unequivocal allocation of the samples can be guaranteed.


What your witness does during the sampling


Who can witness your DNA sampling?

We can be your witness for your DNA sampling. If you live too far away (we are located in the east of Munich, in Ebersberg), you can also ask your physician. The medical specialty is irrelevant for this purpose.


However, we have also compiled various searches for you on our page "Search for a witness".


Whose DNA samples do we need for a paternity test?

For a Paternity Test Basis we need the mouth swabs of the child and the putative father. This 24 marker paternity test will give you a result of 99,99% probability.


With the Paternity Test Premium you buy a 45 marker test which results in 99,9999% probability. For this test, the child's mother would also send in her DNA samples.


The Gene Diagnostics Act specifies the minimum number of DNA markers that must be examined in order to be able to deliver a reliable test result with a minimum certainty. You can rely on each paternity test, even if the percentage of certainty is lower with the Test Basis.


Who must consent to the DNA Test

We need the written consent of each participant before we can start a DNA test. This is also specified in the Genetic Diagnostics Act. In order to secure the personal rights of participant we may not start a DNA analysis until we have verified everybody's consent.


Before the law came into force in 2011, we took samples from pacifiers or isolated the DNA from cigarette butts. Those samples have been compared to the putative father's samples in a clandestine paternity test. There was no consent from neither person concerned. The result of such a test was not valid in court, as the samples could not be clearly assigned to the participants. But the test results were often enough for private statements. 


Such DNA tests are forbidden now. Everyone has to give their  written consent to the DNA test in the presence of a neutral witnesss.


For minors all custodians must give their consent. Very often this is also the mother of a child. even, if she is not participating she must be informed when her child's samples will be analysed in a DNA test.


How long does a paternity test take?

Depending on the test you chose, the processing times vary.


For the Paternity Test Basis we send you the results within 4 working days by postal mail. 

The Paternity Test Premium is processed faster. We will send you the result after 3 days by email and then of course with official signatures by post.


How safe are the results

As described above, the conducting of a DNA test is very regulated by the Gene Diagnostics Act. Every German lab is subject to the same regulations: how to take samples, which chemical analysis agents are to be used, how many gene locations are to be analyzed, how are the results of the analysis to be interpreted. This makes results comparable and reliable.


If you chose us for your paternity test we guarantee that we will not pass your DNA on to a third party. We carry out your order ourselves in our own laboratory. This minimizes the risk of mix-ups or even loss of your samples.


We have been working with DNA since 1998, so we can look back on a long history. Your DNA is processed in high throughput. The results are then evaluated by our own experts.


If you have any questions, the colleagues from customer service or the experts themselves are there for you. You can feel safe with us with your paternity test.

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